A boutique hotel set in 7 acres of virgin rainforest
The wild. In all its untamed beauty.
The Sholayar forest reserves cradle the Rainforest boutique resort

What will it be like to wake up to sunlight filtering in through dense woods? To go to sleep, lulled by the rhythms of the rainforest? The majestic Sholayar forest reserves practically cradle the Rainforest boutique resort, the clean lines of its architecture being the only clue to this hideaway when seen from a distance.

Traditionally, tropical rainforests are called the 'jewels of the Earth' because of the richness of animal and plant life found here. Scientists often find as-yet-undiscovered species of reptiles, amphibians and mammals in the secret depths of the mighty rainforest. Often, the rainforest flora consists of rare, medicinal plants and herbs. To stand under the verdant canopy and sense the forest whispering around you is like slipping into another time altogether: a simpler time when man had not yet broken Nature's peace. The experience becomes much more meaningful when you interact with the resort personnel who offer you much more than the best of service; they are well-versed with the features and quirks of the breathtaking waterfalls and the rainforest that surround them.

The Rainforest resort is accessible only by a road that winds through the hills and trees of the ravishing rainforest. Once you are here, you can give up all the cares of civilisation and rewrite the cadences of your life. The experience of living in communion with Nature transports you to a higher plane altogether. So much so that on your drive back to the airport, you wonder if the Rainforest and its sublime experience was just an hour's drive away!