Rich, rare, and undiscovered experiences. If this is not luxury, nothing is.

When you get face to face with raw nature, that’s when you start noticing — myriad colours, textures and sounds. You have stumbled upon a place so unadulterated, that we don’t want you to take back mere clicks of the place. Breathe in, take back that feeling home. Everything you see, hear and feel is an outcome of great detailing. Every moment is crafted to transform them into memories, which can’t be described in pictures or words.

No person at any corner of our space should be untouched by the luxury of the falls. That’s exactly what our design philosophy is, be it for rooms or for our pool. Every corner should open up to the lavish nature’s bounty. This was just the starting point, the idea was to let this luxury trickle down to every minuscule thing. Be it our staff, the food, the swim or any little experience that we craft.

“It’s the passion to build a cocoon of comfort and contentment.”
O.C.Thomas, creator

This philosophy is followed not just at Rainforest, but also at the other abodes that we have in Kochi — Avenue Centre and Avenue Regent. So that, our guests take back a relaxed mind, good enough to kick back into their everyday routine.

“From the room of Rainforest, it’s the sound of solitude, the kind that soothes you, taking you away from all your worldly worries, lulling you to sleep.”

Our story

We believe in creating spaces that pull people out of their daily routine and give them an experience which they can never have in cities.



There are a hoard of hand-crafted experiences, from tribal food to firefly watching, that are waiting for you. Come, open the doors.


Cuisines & more

Beyond the pure, unadulterated nature, here is everything that you may need.


Rooms & Tariff

Only 10 exclusive rooms that open to this nature’s marvel, tucked away in the Sholayar forest