Waterfall view from the infinity pool
Time out. Get some water therapy. In the pool with a view.
The infinity pool at Rainforest

There's something about splashing in a pool that brings out the child in us. Take a dip in our salt chlorinated infinity pool that is surrounded by thick foliage for all the privacy you need. What's more, the mighty falls can be glimpsed from the pool as well, taking water therapy to a whole new level.

Nothing relaxes tired limbs after a day's sightseeing stroll like spending some me-time in the pool. Or maybe you would prefer that dip before you set out. Swimming in our infinity pool is an instant pick-me-up. It's also a great place to hang out with family and friends for some undiluted fun. Play some water games, maybe. Make some great memories.

At night, the poolside mood takes on a surreal charm. The venue also gives you a high as you let your hair down and party away into the night. Do you really need an excuse to jump in?