Beyond beauty

While you soak in all the beauty at Rainforest, we have also thought of some exciting things for you to do here. Some of these might sound a little adventurous. May be they are! If you are a first timer, even better. You are going to explore a place like never before, while our experts and naturalists take care of your comfort and safety.

Waterfall trek

Get closer and closer, feel smaller and smaller in front of the grandeur of the roaring falls. A half an hour walk, and you wouldn’t want to come back for hours. Life flows here, get soaked.

Forest walk

A carpet of greens, sunlight playing hide and seek, and the animals. By the time you are back watching elephants and deer, your way might get blocked by a giant spider web. Take a detour only to spot more wildlife.

From the kitchen of Kadar Tribe

Smoky, woody tapioca and fish cooked in charred bamboo — no modern technique or molecular gastronomy can win over this primitive tribal way of cooking. A five-day notice is a must, and if the cook from the tribe is free enough to cook, you can feel lucky!


Pick one of the B-twins parked outside the resort and go on a ride to discover the other two waterfalls. Along the way, meet winding roads, river streams, giant malabar squirrels and families of Nilgiri long-tail langurs. So many more surprises waiting to cross your way.

Bird watcher’s heaven

Nothing teaches one patience better than bird watching. Also, the art of doing nothing. Just sit on a tree branch and keep looking around for The great Indian hornbill, Malabar Trogan, Paradise Fly Catcher and so many other species that wildlife photographers are waiting forever to capture. It’s quite addictive. The moment you spot one, you just wouldn’t want to blink.

Firefly breeding season

When hundreds of these blinking bugs come out of hibernation just before rains, you might want to head out here. Only if you love walking through the stars or counting them on the ground.

Waterfall hopping

A dip here, a dip there. Begin with the giant Athirapally waterfall, and keep hopping. After 2 km, stop by Charpa falls, and after the next 3 km laze around Vazhachal Falls. A perfect Saturday morning plan!

Guruvayoor Temple

The centuries old Guruvayoor temple is located in the town of Guruvayoor, Thrissur, Kerala. It’s one of the most holy places in Kerala, which makes it a hub for weddings and other sacred rituals.

Church of St. Thomas

The church is situated atop the 609 m high, lush Malayatoor hill in the Western Ghats, girdled partially by the Periyar (river). The life-size statue of St. Thomas and the imprint of the feet of the Apostle on a rock is what draws the appreciators of history. Even if you don’t we are sure you will be swayed by the sight of the mountain meeting the river.

Sail and kayak at Olam

A secret cottage by the lake waits for you, where pristine waters meets the vivid blue sky. Relax on the hammock, go sailing and kayaking, a memory you would want to take back. A place that you might want to keep it to yourself, for some things in the world are not meant to share.

The Divine Retreat Centre

Spend some time mediating at The Divine Retreat Centre, the largest Catholic retreat centre in the world. Since 1990, over 10 million pilgrims from all over the world have been here to find that inner peace. The journey from a preaching centre to the center of peace, has been quite remarkable.

These experiences can be pre-booked at the checkout page. Too early for you to decide right now? You could make-up your mind and let us know once you check-in.

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